The annual healthcare costs of obesity in this is country is $147 billion a year. This could rise to as much as $344 billion in 2018, according to one major study.

Obesity has become one of the most expensive health problems in America today, surpassing smoking, according to a study in Health Affairs.

2/3 of Americans are overweight although 85% of Americans characterize their lifestyle as somewhat, if not very, healthy

Obese employee sick days total approximately 39 million workdays and 63 million doctor visits yearly.

12 million Americans are considered severely obese, defined as more than 100 pounds overweight

Diet books consistently rank as some of the hottest best sellers. There are also 100 unregulated over-the-counter diet pills on the market and celebrities line up to pitch an assortment of diet products. All of this amounts to a nearly $60 billion weight loss industry.